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The machining plant established at 1998,and the foundry was begin to work at 2010. The precision casting material include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel, duplex steel, precipitation hardening steeland Nickel-based alloy steel casting,etc.,Serving markets such as pump and valve flow control industry,like rotary pump body,centrifugal pump body,housing,pump cover and impellers,diaphragm valve body(control the ferrite content),angle valve body etc.; Various  machinery parts such as centrifugal machine parts,dish-washing machine parts,food machinery parts,auto parts,textile machinery parts etc.;And many kinds hardware parts like yacht parts,glass hardware,building hardware etc.;

There are about more than 30 sets of machinery equipment, such as CNC, turning and milling complex 4-Axis machining center, MultiSimultaneous 4-axis/5-axis machining center, polishing machine etc.The measurement machine are including German Oxford spectral analyzer, may analyze Ni base and iron base alloy, and nitrogen test; CMM from Mitoyo, Fischer Ferrite testing, Inspector EXP Radiation Detector,Ultrosonic Inspector etc. Total up to 20 sets.

We have a ball valve assembly work shop also. It has hundreds of soft seal ball valves about fourteen items. There are twelve items ball valve were certified by TUV at the PED certification of European directive 97/23/EC CE0035,include 6 items with handle and 8 items with auto control actuator。We have the technical pneumatic actuator assembly.The annual production capacity is 200 thousand sets; The body material include WCB,CF8, CF8M,CF3M and duplex steel etc. The seat material include  PTFE,RTFE,PPL,PEEK and Graphite etc.There are thread,butt weld ,socket weld,flange clamp end connections. The ball valves are widely used in chemistry, medical, pharmaceutical and food industry. 

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