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    In 1964, Fritz Muller founded Gaemi in Ingffengen, Germany


    GEMUE Group is a world leading manufacturer of valves, measuring and control systems, and a globally renowned multinational manufacturing enterprise. Gaimi was founded by Mr. Fritz M ü ller and has developed into an international multinational corporation with numerous subsidiaries, with branches and numerous agents on every continent in the world. The products mainly include various valves and measuring instruments such as manual, pneumatic, and electric butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, angle valves, ball valves, solenoid valves, etc. In industries such as petrochemicals, electricity, steel metallurgy, biopharmaceuticals, papermaking, microelectronics, food and beverage, shipbuilding, water treatment, etc., Gaimi can provide a variety of reliable valve products and systems, enjoying high reputation worldwide.


    The birth of GAMI sanitary valves has made today's processing industry more pure than 40 years ago. Gaimi's diaphragm valve products are widely used in various manufacturing fields such as dairy, brewing, toothpaste, eye drops, insulin, etc.


    Sanitary grade stainless steel valves are also used in ultra pure media in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, such as high-purity chemicals. Different models of valves can be used for: ultrapure water (injection water), ultrapure chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, food processing, and finished and semi-finished products in the chemical industry. The high-tech design makes the valve both hygienic and durable. Sanitary diaphragm valves have good controllability.


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