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Alfa Laval

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    Alfa Laval, from Sweden, is a leading global expert in heat exchange, separation, and fluid technology.

    Alfa Laval, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, was founded by Gustaf de Laval, a great technological genius whose inventions included a centrifugal separator and the first practical steam turbine. He registered 92 patents and created 37 companies throughout his life. In 1883, he and his partner Oscar Lamm Jr. founded AB Separator Company, which was the predecessor of the current Alfa Laval Company.

    Alfa Laval's core business is based on three key technologies: heat exchange, separation, and fluid treatment. These three technologies are of great significance to industrial companies in various industries. Alfa Laval holds a leading global market position in its business field. Especially, its products are widely used in the shipbuilding industry. Alfa Laval has identified 10 customer departments in recent years to strengthen its market positioning. In order to more clearly highlight the user centered strategy, these customer departments are further divided into two departments - the processing technology department and the equipment department - which promote and sell products to specific user groups. Alfa Laval's products are sold to nearly 100 countries and have their own sales outlets in 50 of them. The company has 20 large production bases (12 in Europe, 6 in Asia, and 2 in the United States) and 70 service centers. Alfa Laval has approximately 11500 employees worldwide. Most employees are in Sweden (1899), Denmark (1126), India (1045), the United States (826), and France (583).

    After 125 years, Alfa Laval Company is still full of vitality and continuous development work. Alfa Laval's business is based on three globally leading key technologies: heat exchange, separation, and fluid processing. Continuous product development is an indispensable condition for enhancing competitive advantage. The company invests approximately 2.7% of its total sales revenue in research and development work every year, and releases 25 to 30 new products every year. Endless profit and confidence for users come from excellent service. For Alfa Laval, "service" is an overall concept that covers all aspects, from providing inconspicuous spare parts to jointly maintaining product performance. Alfa Laval has a global service network (located in hundreds of locations across over 50 countries and equipped with over 200 skilled service experts), a range of competitive service solutions, and over 120 years of business and service experience.

    On May 13, 2020, Alfa Laval ranked 1884th on the 2020 Forbes Global 2000 list.


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