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    Akzo Nobel Company was formed in 1969 by the merger of two of the largest chemical companies in the Netherlands, Akzo and KZO (Koninkijke Zout Organon). KZO Chemical Products Company was formed in 1967 by the merger of Kon. Zout Keten, an inorganic compound production company, and Kon. Zwanenberg Organon, an organic compound and pharmaceutical descaling agent and cosmetics production company. The predecessor of Aku Chemical Products Company can be traced back to the Enka Artificial Production Company established in 1911. After the establishment of Aku Company, it began to establish production companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.


    2009 Top 500 Ranking: 405, 2010 Top 500 Ranking: 450, 2011 Top 500 Ranking: 479


    Development strategy: To become a respected member of society and the preferred choice for customers, shareholders, and employees.


    Mid term strategic goal: To achieve business value and diversified value.


    In December 2018, the World Brand Laboratory released the "2018 World Brand 500" list, with Akzo Nobel ranking 443rd.


    Akzo Nobel's mission is to provide the best service to customers, offer competitive returns to shareholders, create an attractive work environment for employees, and guide our behavior with a responsible attitude towards society. We have over 57000 employees in over 80 countries worldwide, constantly striving for excellence and striving to "submit tomorrow's answers today"


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