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Dr. Ruben Rausing, founder of Tetra Pak, was born on June 17, 1895 in Raus, Sweden, adjacent to Helsingborg. In 1918, he graduated from Stockholm School of Economics. In 1920, he obtained a Master's degree in Science from Columbia University in New York, USA. During his time studying in the United States, Robin Lausing first came into contact with the Self Service Store. He foresaw at the time that Europe would adopt this concept, thereby driving people's demand for highly convenient packaged foods. In 1929, the decline of the Wall Street stock market triggered a global economic recession, and Robin Lausing and Erik Akerlund established the country's first professional packaging factory in Sweden. The company named Akerlund&Rausing later became one of the largest packaging manufacturing plants in Europe. At that time, the factory was mainly manufacturing flour bags to improve the situation of flour waste during bulk transportation.


At that time, consumers needed to return the glass bottles containing milk to the manufacturer for reuse. Rubin Lausing has long understood that this traditional food distribution method will affect the sales of bottled milk in self-service stores. In view of this, Robin Lausing called on a group of energetic individuals and convinced them that creating new packaging technologies was necessary. He then began researching a practical and disposable milk packaging box, which later underwent significant reforms in the dairy industry, bringing consumers safe and easy to carry packaging.

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