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    KSB Valve, a world-renowned modern manufacturer of pumps and valves, is one of the three largest pump and valve manufacturing companies in the world. Founded in 1871, it is an international company directly managed by its headquarters, including six factories in Germany and France. There are approximately 16200 employees worldwide, with business areas including construction services, industrial and utility water supply, energy sector, and mining, to maximize customer satisfaction.


    KSB is increasingly becoming a partner in customer after-sales service, providing them with a complete set of hydraulic system equipment for water supply and drainage. KSB has over 30 production bases in 19 countries worldwide. Each base produces pumps and valves that meet world-class standards. The product range of pump machines is very wide, from household rainwater regeneration systems to pump machines used in production processes and feed pumps used in power plant boilers. The selectivity of valve products is also significant, and the design, specifications, and materials can be determined based on the entire application range.


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